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Blackboard XD

Blackboard XD is a forum created for connect people that want to learn english and have fun in the same time!

blackboard, created, connect, people, that, want, #learn, english, have, same, time!

*{ETF}*Elite Tactical Forces

Welcome to the {ETF} COD4 Forum Clan!Here you can learn more about everything of cod4, like new and oldest techniques, who created those techniques, tacticals and much more! And here we

*{etf}*elite, tactical, forces, welcome, {etf}, cod4, forum, clan!here, #learn, more, about, everything, like, oldest, techniques, created, those

Clube do Inglês

A melhor ferramenta para aprender inglês na internet.

ingles, english, idiom, language, lingua, #learn, aprender, speaking, reading, listening, writing, leitura, escrita, fala, escuta

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